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(1978-2015) 37 Years of History

In June 1978 a nomadic and rebel spirit spurred us to leave Milan, Italy in search of rivers where we could teach canoeing and create pleasure, healthy, and intense situations.

In that period many European canoeists knew each other and went in search of virgin rivers in the Alps. Since then we have learned a lot, both about people and things, about how difficult and interesting it is to develop your own capacities facing the natural obstacles of the river and pushing your own internal limits to the maximum.

Two different, yet complementary, centres were set up. one on the Sesia and the other on the Dora Baltea in the hope that there

would always be places where the excitement of the two rivers is ever present and where you can spend a night under canvas or just relax on the river bank. It is for those wishing to unload some adrenaline or to be able to cope with white water that does not forgive any distractions, or who just wish to enjoy the natural environment. After many experiences around the world, we have turned to other sports that are just as interesting, but in reality there is nothing quite as exciting as the descent of a river.

Emanuele e Maurizio Bernasconi

Emanuele Bernasconi "Lele", owner and director of the Center for Canoeing and Rafting, Morgex, has over thirty years experience in management and promotion of river sports in Italy.

Prior to coordinating the activities of the Centre for Canoeing and Rafting, Morgex, experience was sought from outside of Europe as well as from rafting withing Italy.  During the growth of the sport  and business of rafting he has utilized the same spirit that led him to this life choice.

Knowledge and competency has earned him the titles of Federal First-Generation Master of the Italian Federation (1982) as well as Canoeing Guide AIRaf. He has over thirty years experience on a professional level, and prior to this, he was gaining knowledge of racing and teaching on a preliminary level.

1972-1978: Worked in the athletic sector of “Downriver Paddling” and which became a division within Italian National Canoeing in 1976-1977
1978:  Alongside his brother Maurice, he opened the first Italian School of Canoa Valsesia.
1978: Navigation and exploration of several rivers in the region of Bergen Norway along with guidance from his coach Roberto Bruno (The Brunotti)
1982: Organized the first expedition to Northern India in the small region of Indian Tibet. The expedition of the Rivers Sindh, Dras, Doda (Zanskar) and Suru  included over 4,000 meters of descent.
1986: Organized the first Italian expedition on the Chilean Bio-Bio River
1988: Along with with his friend Sergio Borroni,  sailed a canoe carved from a trunk while exploring the Rio Florido within Chiapas, Mexico
1991-1992:  Organized the circuit races of  The Henninger Rafting Cup
2003 – 2008: Collaborated and formed part of the Draft Outdoor University of Tecnica (OUT)
Developed numerous professional videos for RAI, Canale 5, Telemontecarlo, Sky and FICK
Cooperated in the publication of several photographic services on monthly and weekly Italians
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