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Not Only Sports

Alpine Nature

Mont Blanc: Take the cablecar, to reach the summit of Mont Blanc, described as "The roof of Europe" at 3462 meters altitude.  Stopping at various levels to enjoy the view, botanical garden and Saussurea crystal exhibition and continue then if you want to France aboard the cable car. If you plan to arrive by lunchtime, relax at the restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine.

In Aosta Valley you will also have an opportunity to visit the Parks and Natural Reserves guarding a wealth of untouched forests and grasslands, lakes and waterfalls.
Withing the mountain trails, trekkers can experience nature at its finest.
The system of protected areas is composed of the National Park of Gran Paradiso, Natural Park Mont Avic and nine nature reserves. Gran Paradiso, the most ancient Italian park, covers about 70 000 hectares of land distributed almost equally between Piedmont and Valle 'Aosta. Info: http://www.pngp.it/
Natural Park Mont Avic, established by regional law in 1989, houses the largest pine forest in the region. Info: http://www.montavic.it/

If you have time, also visit the Botanical Gardens Mountain, which displays the sensitivity and commitment in safeguarding the region's natural heritage and in particular the protection of flora.
Courmayeur: LOCATION: Ski Mont Blanc - Le Pavillon du Mont Frey (1 cable car station
La Thuile: LOCATION: Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo - Loc Seez 


The proximity to La Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex and La Salle offer you the opportunity to appreciate the wines produced in Aosta Valley unlikely any other. Taste them in their territory of origin and while you're at it, stock up for your own cellar!!!
It is not no secret that the Aosta Valley is a land of high mountain pastures, where cows feed on herbs. The farmers then, with care and art, with their dedication for food products has always been proud of Montagnards: Fontina (DOC), Toma, ricotta, goat's cheese, butter and other products along with Alps traditional local meats such as Mocetta the Saucisse, Jambon de Bosses, lard, Boudin and Teteun reveal the excellence of the cuisine d'Aosta.
More so there are food products such as apples, walnuts and chestnuts, and others like honey, bread, mugwort and brandy produced in accordance with strict traditional rules.
In Morgex, only a few meters from our base, there is coffee roasting facility. With careful craftsmanship of the best varieties of coffee Artari family has been providing traditional recipes for over 120 years. If you love good coffee ...

We are also located near the town center with proximity to several shops supplying typical local  products of assured authenticity:
Food - Retail Panizzi Paolo Courmayeur: Via Roma, 53 CourmayeurTel.: (39) 0165844429
Grocery Stores Morgex Capital: food, Minimarket, Butcher, Grocery Store, Supermarket A & O
Pain de Cucu Store: typical Aosta Valley Saint-Pierre, Fraz Cognein Tel.0165 903282
Butcher Ottoz La Salle Street Gerbollier Tel 0165861165
Cave Du Vin BlancDe Morgex La Salle Morgex www.caveduvinblanc.com produces white wine highest in Europe, the deMorgex Blanc and La Salle.
Dairy Cooperative Valdigne Morgex: Production of cheese and butter
Warehouse for seasoning and storing dellaFontina, Pré Saint Didier www.fontinacoop.it

Other traditional events include local trade fairs and farmers markets held in Aosta Valley
The exhibition-market "of Martcia Barradzue" Morgex, will be held Sunday, August 22, 2010, hosting 168 exhibitors for the following categories: antiques, used things, old things, old objects, prints, books, oils, dried flowers, decoupage, coins, jewelry, objects in salt dough, traditional clothing, collectibles, laces, drapes, patchwork creations (non-traditional sectors) and various vendors for food.
The other is a Fair Foire d'Eté born in 1969 to provide people who attend the Aosta Valley in the summer an overview of local craft production and purchasing opportunity. Although having no historical roots, it has managed to earn its own space with about 400 exhibitors present the traditional sector (carving and sculpture in wood and stone, wrought iron flowers
wood) as well as about seventy vendors that have more recent productions (made of salt dough, dried flowers and fabric). Since 2007, winding through the streets of the historic city of Aosta, the market takes place on the Saturday and Sunday before the Assumption and will offer visitors an opportunity to rediscover the taste of the region. 


With more than one hundred castles & towers this is the richest region of castles in Europe. Many of which are spectacular and well preserved  examples of history. Many are open to the public, including Castle Fenis, Sarre Castle, Castle Issogne, Bard Fortress, Castle of Saint Pierre
Arts and Entertainment: Enjoy the summer, with concerts, plays and pageants that indulge in the history of castles and monuments, but also are venues for unusual events such as botanical gardens.
Attractions: Morgex is an ancient medieval village where history speaks through the architectural details of its noble houses. It seems that in Roman times the ancient village was the center of the administrative life of Valdigne, the vast territory located upstream of the plain of Aosta. Developed along the route of the road that climbed the hill of Petit St. Bernard in nearby France. Morgex was the gateway for transits of armies and pilgrims and trade.
In the Middle Ages, its territory under the jurisdiction of the counts of Savoy, was divided into many small fiefdoms with noble families that have left important evidence as the Tour de l'Archet, the castle Pascal La Ruine Bozel strong and the house at Villa .
In the center of town, next to the nineteenth-century arcades of the municipal building, stands the prestigious parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, recognized since 1910 as a National Monument, is the oldest church building in the entire Valle d'Aosta. Its interior contains furniture and works of art of extraordinary value as the impressive Baroque altar or Romanesque frescoes decorate the chapel down.

The main road that leads back to the church square, is a succession of buildings close to each other, the stone portals, the wrought iron balconies overlooking the entrances  are full of dates and monograms. Precious details to be discovered, tell of a former glory that has persisted through the centuries.
In Morgex history and nature from ancient times have joined forces in shaping the landscape.

Morgex Aosta Valley:
Roman monuments:
Via delle Gallie, Pondel Aqueduct Bridge, Pont-Saint-Martin Arch Donnas, Arch of Augustus, Praetorian Door, Walls, Roman Theater, Cryptoporticus ...
Church of Morgex, Notre Dame de la Guérison, Arnad Church, Church of Sant'Orso, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Sanctuary Plout, Machaby Sanctuary, Sanctuary Madonna della Guardia ...
Regional Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Alps, Cathedral Treasury Museum, Maison de Mosse, Pope Jean Paul II Museum, Museo Alpino Duca degli Abruzzi ...


The base of Rafting Morgex  is situated in a pine forest with ample space to play and relax.
Located nearby are wooden tables for picnics, pool, jogging track, two football fields, tennis court, beach volleyball court and a horse riding area.
There are two neighboring Bars/Cafes: Cafe Artari & Al Campo Sports Centre.
Moreover, the town center of Morgex, only a few meters away, offers various services: restaurants, pizzeria, bars, ice cream, pastries, pharmacy, grocery stores, and more.

For the children there are two playgrounds within walking distance. They are equipped with slides, swings, picnic tables and fountains.

For those who want more activity, check out the swimming pool in Pre Saint Didier, adventure parks, and the castles which are open to the public: Sarre, Fenis, St Pierre. Or stop in at Park Introd and explore the wild Alpine Botanical Gardens in Courmayeur and La Thuile, the Club des Sports with miniature golf and the playground in Val Ferret, Courmayeur  or set off on the Bicycle path from Morgex to La Salle which runs 4 km along the river Dora Baltea.
Bicycle Hire available in Morgex.
2017  rafting