16 -December -2017 - 06:12


Dora Baltea River: May-Sept. at Morgex

White water kayaking is one of the most exciting and exhilarating that anyone can enjoy. White water kayaking demands a great deal of physical fitness, strength, stamina, and a lot of courage. White water kayaking enthusiasts thrive on the extreme thrill of sailing through fast-moving waters, with only their power and equipment taking them through the course safely and enjoyably. 
The school supplies wet suits, helmet, life-jacket, waterproof jackets and transport to and from the river. Please bring a swimming costume, shoes that can get wet and all that you need for the shower.

Weekend course cost € 95,00
5 days (MON to FRI) course cost € 220,00
With 13 euros for day you can rent the kayak, the paddle and the spraydeck.

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