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Rafting And Tradition

The proximity to La Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex and La Salle offer you the opportunity to appreciate the wines produced in Aosta Valley unlikely any other. Taste them in their territory of origin and while you're at it, stock up for your own cellar!!!

It is not no secret that the Aosta Valley is a land of high mountain pastures, where cows feed on herbs. The farmers then, with care and art, with their dedication for food products has always been proud of Montagnards: Fontina (DOC), Toma, ricotta, goat's cheese, butter and other products along with Alps traditional local meats such as Mocetta the Saucisse, Jambon de Bosses, lard, Boudin and Teteun reveal the excellence of the cuisine d'Aosta.
More so there are food products such as apples, walnuts and chestnuts, and others like honey, bread, mugwort and brandy produced in accordance with strict traditional rules.
In Morgex, only a few meters from our base, there is coffee roasting facility. With careful craftsmanship of the best varieties of coffee Artari family has been providing traditional recipes for over 120 years. If you love good coffee ...

We are also located near the town center with proximity to several shops supplying typical local  products of assured authenticity:
Food - Retail Panizzi Paolo Courmayeur: Via Roma, 53 CourmayeurTel.: (39) 0165844429
Grocery Stores Morgex Capital: food, Minimarket, Butcher, Grocery Store, Supermarket A & O
Pain de Cucu Store: typical Aosta Valley Saint-Pierre, Fraz Cognein Tel.0165 903282
Butcher Ottoz La Salle Street Gerbollier Tel 0165861165
Cave Du Vin BlancDe Morgex La Salle Morgex www.caveduvinblanc.com produces white wine highest in Europe, the deMorgex Blanc and La Salle.
Dairy Cooperative Valdigne Morgex: Production of cheese and butter
Warehouse for seasoning and storing dellaFontina, Pré Saint Didier www.fontinacoop.it

Other traditional events include local trade fairs and farmers markets held in Aosta Valley
The exhibition-market "of Martcia Barradzue" Morgex, will be held Sunday, August 22, 2010, hosting 168 exhibitors for the following categories: antiques, used things, old things, old objects, prints, books, oils, dried flowers, decoupage, coins, jewelry, objects in salt dough, traditional clothing, collectibles, laces, drapes, patchwork creations (non-traditional sectors) and various vendors for food.
The other is a Fair Foire d'Eté born in 1969 to provide people who attend the Aosta Valley in the summer an overview of local craft production and purchasing opportunity. Although having no historical roots, it has managed to earn its own space with about 400 exhibitors present the traditional sector. 
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