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Arpy Walk To The Lake (2063M).

The perfect combination to satisfy nature lovers.

Spring and summer are the best times for hiking at high altitudes, as long days prevail with generally stable conditions.
In addition to rafting, there are pleasant and easy walks (for a couple of hours or full day) that you can enjoy while in Morgex and its nearby areas. The cost is zero and the reward is unlimited.
Easily accessible trails will put you in places of outstanding, unspoilt beauty, where fatigue vanishes before the charm of the scenery.

Arrive by car in Colle San Carlo. From here walk in front of Hotel Genzianella and follow trail marked 15, of moderate gradient, within a beautiful forest of mixed foliage, to reach the Lake Arpy.
Tips: Bring a picnic to enjoy on the shores of the lake and relax in the sunshine and beautiful natural surroundings. Also walk to the viewpoint for more stunning scenery.

From the back of the Genzianella Hotel you can also take a short walk suitable for everyone which takes you to the observation point near Tête d’Arpy with marvellous views over the Mont Blanc range and Valdigne. Since it is only a short walk taking about 25 minutes each way, this route can be done together with the walk to Lac d’Arpy.

One-day excursions  -  Morgex

Departure: Col San Carlo (1858 mt.)

Arrival: Lac d'Arpy (2071 mt.)

Difference in level: 228 m

Duration going there: 1h10


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