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Terms and conditions

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1. General:

Rafting.it company organises Rafting and Kayaking activities and assigns the performance of all other activities to other service providers/organisers who shall hereinafter be referred to as ‘organisers’. Rafting.it shall merely be responsible for procuring the activities as well as, to some extent, for providing the required infrastructure and, to some extent, for handling the logistics and for collecting payments on behalf of third parties.

2. Formation of Contract

The customer’s verbal or written registration or booking with Rafting.it or one of its points of sale shall constitute the formation of a binding contract between the customer and Rafting.it. By making the booking, the customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions as an integral part of the contract between himself/herself and Rafting.it.

3. Subject Matter of the Contract

The organiser undertakes to provide the service required by the customer within the scope of the offers and/or the order confirmation. Extended services may be considered upon consultation with the organiser. Any additional costs shall be borne by the customer.

4. Prices

All prices include statutory VAT. We explicitly reserve the right to change the prices. Any prices stated in foreign currencies shall be adjusted in line with the current daily exchange rate.

5. Cancellation or Alteration of Contract by the Customer

Any cancellations of contract must be made in writing and shall only be legally valid after the organiser has been consulted and agreed to them. In doing so, any documents already received (confirmations, tickets, vouchers, etc.) must be included.

In the event of a complete cancellation, the customer shall be charged the following proportions of the total costs of the event booked:

For group reservations (more than 8 participants):

20 - 10 days prior to the activity: 30%

9 - 2 days prior to the activity: 75%

1 Tag prior to the activity or non-attendance: 100%

For individuals (up to 8 participants):

from 1 day prior to the activity: 100%

If the customer turns up late or leaves the event early, they shall not be entitled to a refund. Any additional costs incurred by turning up late, leaving early or postponing the event shall be borne by the customer.

6. Cancellation or Alteration of Contract by the Organiser

Various events require a minimum number of participants. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw from the contract, even at short notice. If the fulfilment of contract at another point in time is not possible, or if the customer is unable to accept the services offered in lieu, any payments already made shall be reimbursed after deduction of any services already utilised. Any further claims for compensation are excluded. The event may be cancelled by the organiser at short notice if the conduct, failure to act or any other acts of the participants give cause for concern that the contract fulfilment is jeopardised or made impossible. In this case, the provisions in section 5 with respect to cancellation fees shall apply. If an event or part thereof cannot be held as a result security concerns on the part of the organiser, official measures, strike, unsafe or uncertain weather conditions, the organiser shall be entitled to cancel or abort the event, even at short notice. Any payments already made shall be reimbursed after deduction of any services already utilised, expenditures and a handling fee. Please note that the safe execution of the event is in the interest of all parties involved. All decisions by the leader of an activity shall be final. We explicitly reserve the right to alter events. The organiser endeavours to provide a substitute of equal value.

7. Conditions of Participation and Obligations of the Participants to Cooperate

All activities require that participants are in good health. The participants undertake to notify the organiser of any health issues they may have. Participants must under no circumstances be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic drugs or the like.

The participants undertake to fulfil the conditions of participation and to strictly follow all instructions given by the organiser, the mountain guide or any auxiliary persons. If a participant fails to meet the conditions of participation or to follow the instructions, the organiser may exclude them from the activity.

8. General Insurance

The company Rafting.it is insured with a policy for civil responsibilities that covers the participants to our activities with a maximum of 1.500.000 euros for accident.
In case of injures not depending on our direct responsibility you are not covered by the policy.
In case you have your own insurance we suggest you to make sure it includes and covers rafting and water activities.

For the Canyoning activity, the mountain guides have a specific insurance.

9. Complaints

Should the customer have cause for a complaint or suffer a loss, this must, in writing, immediately be notified to and confirmed by the leader of the activity or the service provider. However, neither the leader of the activity nor the service provider is entitled to allow any claims; therefore, such confirmation does not constitute an acknowledgement of culpability. The leader of the activity or the service provider shall endeavour to find a remedy within the scope of the event and within the realms of possibility. If no remedy at all or insufficient remedy is found, or if the customer wishes to claim for damages, such claims must be submitted in writing within four (4) weeks of completion of the activity under the contract to the booking office, addressed to the organiser. The confirmation by the leader of the activity or the service provider and any evidence must be included with the complaint. If a complaint is made late or no complaint is made at all during the activity, or if the respective claim is submitted late to the booking office, all arising claims shall be forfeited.

10. General Liability

All claims for compensation made against Rafting.it or the organiser or its auxiliary persons shall be excluded unless the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence. Rafting.it and the organiser shall be entitled to call in auxiliary persons / third parties to provide the services. If Rafting.it legitimately assigns the performance to a third party, Rafting.it shall not be liable for any acts or omissions by said third party. In particular, the organiser shall not be liable for any losses arising from acts or omissions of the leader of the activity, which are not related to the provision of services agreed upon in the contract; or losses arising from third-party acts, or acts of other participants or in fact the participant himself/herself (in particular section 1), or from an act of God, natural disasters, official directives etc., or returning late from the activity.

If a participant fails to follow the instructions of the organiser or the leader of the activity etc., the organiser shall be released from any liability whatsoever.

11. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship shall be governed solely by Italian Law, to the exclusion of any international treaties. The parties shall agree upon Aosta as the exclusive court of jurisdiction. However, the organiser shall, at its own option, be entitled to assert its claims at the customer’s place of residence or domicile.

Should any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid and/or incomplete, the invalid and/or incomplete provision shall be replaced with a valid provision that comes closest to the intended purpose of the invalid and/or incomplete provision. Such an invalid and/or incomplete provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.


This page describes how the site must be managed with regard to the processing of personal data concerning the site visitors.

This notice is required also by art. 13 of Legislative decree n. 196/2003 "Personal Data Protection Code" and is addressed to all the subjects who interact with the RAFTING.IT web services accessible through the http://www.rafting.it web address.

The Data Controller

As a consequence of the use of the Web Site, personal information concerning identified or identifiable people might be collected and processed.

The Data Controller is: Emanuele Bernasconi

E-mail: rafting@rafting.it

Data processing location

Data connected to the web services offered by this web site are processed at RAFTING.IT by dedicated staff only, or by the staff entrusted of carrying out operations. (e.g. Trekksoft)

No data collected via web shall be disseminated or notified to third parties.

Personal data supplied by customers requesting the sending of information materials shall be used exclusively for the purposes of providing such service or the requested actions and shall be notified to third parties only when necessary (e.g.for booking).

Data voluntarily supplied by the user

The elective, explicit an voluntary sending of personal data messages to the addresses posted on the Web Site entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender address (e-mail), which is necessary to answer any queries, as well as of any other personal information included in the message.

Data processing modes

Personal data are processed through automated systems for the time that is strictly necessary to attain the purposes for which they have been collected.

The data controller has adopted several safety measures to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect data use or unauthorised access to the databases.

User Rights

Pursuant to art. 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code (D.Lgs. 196/2003),

Users have the right to obtain information on the existence of any recordings of their personal information at any time, and to know the content and origin of personal information, check their correctness or ask for their updating, amendment or integration, their cancellation, anonymisation or the blocking of any data processed illegally; they also have the right to fight the processing of collected personal information about them, for legitimate reasons. In order to exercise these rights, the users shall have to contact the Data Controller.