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We are a registered company and our ID at the Registry of Businesses of Aosta is: REA-AO53465

We are one of the first kayaking academies under the F.I.C.K. (Italian Federation of Canoeing and Kayaking) and we are working continuously since 1978.

We collaborate with Tourism Department of Valle d’Aosta for the project “PRODUCT CLUB” to supply a proper image to the Region and with our work we contribute to boost the local economy.

Emanuele Bernasconi "Lele"

Owner and director of the Center for Canoeing and Rafting, Morgex, has over fourty years experience in management and promotion of river sports in Italy.
Knowledge and competency has earned him the titles of Federal First-Generation Master of the Italian Federation (1982) as well as Canoeing Guide AIRaf:

  • 1972-1978: Worked in the athletic sector of “Downriver Paddling” and which became a division within Italian National Canoeing in 1976-1977
  • 1978:  Alongside his brother Maurice, he opened the first Italian School of Canoa Valsesia.
  • 1978: Navigation and exploration of several rivers in the region of Bergen Norway along with guidance from his coach Roberto Bruno (The Brunotti)
  • 1982: Organized the first expedition to Northern India in the small region of Indian Tibet. The expedition of the Rivers Sindh, Dras, Doda (Zanskar) and Suru  included over 4,000 meters of descent.
  • 1986: Organized the first Italian expedition on the Chilean Bio-Bio River
  • 1988: Along with his friend Sergio Borroni,  sailed a canoe carved from a trunk while exploring the Rio Florido within Chiapas, Mexico
  • 1991-1992:  Organized the circuit races of  The Henninger Rafting Cup
  • 2003 – 2008: Collaborated and formed part of the Draft Outdoor University of Tecnica (OUT)
  • Developed numerous professional videos for RAI, Canale 5, Telemontecarlo, Sky and FICK
  • Cooperated in the publication of several photographic services on monthly and weekly Italians