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Parc Animalier d'Introd

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a micro-system from up close? A corner of paradise where Alpine flora and fauna live undisturbed under the curious eyes of visitors - the Introd Parc Animalier (Animal Park) is all this and much more, providing a nature lesson for young and old alike. Just concentrate your gaze and respect the silence... or rather, the sound of the woods, and its inhabitants. It offers a thrilling voyage of discovery of endless amazement!

Discount EUR 1 on the ticket

The Parc Animalier is dedicated to those who want to experience the mountain habitat, comparing its ecosystems in a short period of time.

Families are ideal Park visitors since the park respects and conserves animals typical of the alpine region like the ibex, chamois, woodchuck, various birds of prey and a multicoloured flora.


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